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Labasheeda - The Twilight State
LP - $15
"The Twilight State is warmly produced, runs beautifully from track to track and hits every goddam mark.

You can hear it all in there: Pavement's lyrical grunge, Fugazi's bass lines and tight acoustic punk (circa The Argument); the singer, Saskia van der Giessen, moans like Karen O, pronouncing a strange, sometimes funny version of English (for any other band, this would be a defect but for Labasheeda, it only gives them character)." -Bearded Magazine
Track List

01 hackney
02 bad news for batman
03 headquarter
04 winter
05 indulgent
06 from you to me
07 white leather
08 the crash within without you
09 way out
10 my first choice
11 duplicated