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Labasheeda - Castfat Shadows
LP w/ Digital Download - $17
"There is the shadowy truculence Saskia van der Giessen's voice for a start. She simply exudes torment and underlying malevolence. Then there are the hypnotic guitars on the loose pointing their sails in to the wind for a storm that is on the horizon and, whilst the title song, "Castfat Shadows" might well set the scene, it is songs like "Double Exposure" - complete with an edgy violin - and "Fake Italian" that show this band at their most focused." -Bluesbunny
Track List

01 Castfat Shadows
02 Detective Song
03 Light Blind Dark Intentions
04 Cars
05 Minor Flaw
06 Withdrawn
07 Double Exposure
08 Fake Italian
09 Police Song
10 Intertwined
11 On Tippy Toes
12 A & A
13 Last Ride
14 Copycat Emotions